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Getting Engaged, what’s next?

by Nicole

Getting engaged was one of the best days of my life.
It was surreal and overwhelming. I spent most of the night looking at my hand not believing what I was seeing, I was honestly so surprised but after the perfect proposal the fact that we actually have a wedding to plan set in.

Wedding planning can be a bit crazy, it is a saturated and expensive market and you can easily get overwhelmed.  I find decision making hard with simple things, but having to make such big decisions with so many options  definitely isn’t easy, and really requires you to make a decision and stick with it.

As you start the planning process here are a few tips to keep yourselves from getting lost in the madness:

  • Organize! I will admit that I have a few planners and notebooks going on for the wedding, however they are all organized! Keep notes during appointments, and keep all of your contracts together in a place that is easy to find and you can easily refer back to.
  • Plan together. As frustrating as it can be I’m so glad that he’s been a part of the planning since the beginning.
  • Create a wedding email. This way your email doesn’t get flooded with wedding related information. You can keep everything for the wedding separate and you can both have access to the account.
  • Take everything in and enjoy it. Yes, planning can be stressful but the plan is to only do this once. So enjoy it.
  • Give yourselves time to process and think things over before confirming. The best thing we have done after every appointment is walk away. Vendors know how to sweep you off your feet, but find one that fits with you and offers what you want at the price you want. A lot of vendors will offer a “if you book now” deal, but don’t let that get you. Take your time to look over what they are offering.
  • Make sure you get all of the information. We met with one vendor who went through their pricing VERY quickly, and then wouldn’t give us any of the information to take home and look over. Needless to say we didn’t book, a couple we met later who had booked with them told us it was the biggest mistake they made. A good vendor should have nothing to hid, and will give you all of the information upfront.

Remember that when you know it’s right, don’t second guess it.

Happy planning!

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