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Let the chronicles begin!

by Nicole

I feel like there were 1000 different things I wanted to write about and share with you, but a wise friend (don’t tell her I said that) told me it was probably best that I start off with a bit of an introduction post.

So here it is…

I’m Nicole, and welcome to the chronicles of my tall girl life!

I promise to talk about more then just being tall!

I started this blog during what I feel is a very exciting time in my life; I’m finishing up school and about to start my career, I’ve just started the search to purchase my first home, I will be getting married in 2018, and if all that wasn’t enough… I’m trying to launch my own business into the world!

This blog will give me the opportunity to share with you a bit of that excitement. You’ll get to read posts about things like:

  • Honest Reviews of products I have tried
  • Things I love – so maybe you can love them too
  • DIY projects (that I have done and my never end listing of ones I want to try)
  • Dogs (with maybe a cat photo here and there)
  • The adventures of wedding planning: selecting a day, dress shopping, bridesmaids proposals, selecting vendors, wedding décor and everything included in planning your perfect day
  • The stresses of trying to buy your first home
  • The fun of home decorations and renovations
  • Baking
  • Fashion and Beauty

I can also guarantee the occasional Disney reference.

I promise there will never be a dull moment! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

For a bit more information about me go here, and feel free to contact me!



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