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Fitbit to get a bit fit

by Nicole

A new year usually means a new fitness goal and routine. It is also when all of the new fitness products are heavily marketed.
One fitness product that I got on board with last year is Fitbit.
There are several different models at several different price points so before you run out and purchase one make sure you know the difference and which one will be the best for your and your goals.

 My Model: Charge HR

Over all, I would highly recommend a Fitbit, just as long as you are serious about it. They can be pretty pricey, and you don’t want to spend that much just to leave it sitting at home.

When buying one, think long term. This might be my only small regret with mine. I was so excited that it came in teal that I HAD to have it in that colour. However, looking back I wish I had picked something like black or dark purple. It wouldn’t stand out as much and would be easier to match with whatever I’m wearing.

When looking for yours, know the difference in the models before just purchasing one. Find one that will offer you exactly what you need to meet your fitness goals.

I love the Fitbit Charge HR. It offers everything I would need and helps with my workout goals. There are ones like the Flex 2, which is more customizable and at a bit of a lower price point. The main difference between this model and mine is the screen. The Flex 2 does not have a screen to show you your stats as they are available.

I have also found it depends on what your doing for your work out, I run so I am definitely rack up some steps during a workout. I also do yoga, and although it can be an intense workout it won’t reflect on my  Fitbit as much.

If purchasing one, something I highly recommend: make some Fitbit friends and participate in challenges. This is one thing I LOVE with my Fitbit, and something you can participate in no matter what model you have, as long as you are on the app and you can connect with people.
Challenges are great because they bring out the competitor in you and make you want to take more steps. I find the daily goal challenges are great because they are just 24 hours. The workweek hustle is fine, but I’m prone to plugging mine in to charge and forgetting about it, so that one can be a little daunting when you forget to wear yours.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing a Fitbit. If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals in 2017, or just looking for something to motivate you a bit more there is a model that will work for you!

Happy steps!

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