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I said I was going to, but I didn’t

by Nicole

I talked about going on a 30 day shopping cleanse, aka no shopping for 30 days.
Needless to say I did not succeed, I may have bought 6 pairs of shoes! (oops!)

Well, now it’s time for round two!
What am I going to do differently?

One thing I realized is that when I’m unhappy I use shopping as a coping mechanism, it’s a pick me up. Truth be told, the last little while hasn’t been the best time (hence my lack of blogging) and I’ve taken to buying shoes to try and make me feel better about my situation and myself.

So, I think the best way to succeed is to hand my credit cards over to someone else. My fiancé will be keeping my cards hidden from me for the next 30 days to ensure I don’t use them.
This is a great start, however with PayPal I don’t need my cards on me to shop.

Side Note: if you don’t have PayPal I highly recommend it! It is a way to keep your credit card information secure while shopping online, and they have always fixed any issue I’ve had with a merchant.

But, back to business! To ensure I don’t try and buy shoes (or anything) I will be removing my credit card information from my account.

Probably most importantly, I’m just going to stay off the Internet, and spend more time in the gym instead of in the mall!

Wish me luck!

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