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Back your sh*t up

by Nicole

I was only told all throughout school to make sure all of my documents were backed up.
But, did I listen?
No…of course not, I thought my Macbook would never let me down.

Well friends, they were not kidding! BACK YOUR SH*T UP! And back it up often.
I can tell you I’ve learned the hard way, and at the worst possible time!

When there were only 54 days to go until my wedding…I repeat 54 DAYS, and what happens?
Well my Macbook, which has everything for the wedding (and my entire life) decides that it doesn’t want to go past the loading screen. So I ran to the Apple store trying not to cry. 

I’m sure for most brides this would be horrible (really for most people it would be horrible), but for me…well I had also decided most of my wedding would be DIY so all of my design and planning documents were on my laptop.

So as a PSA announcement, please remember to black your sh*t up!

For those using a PC, I used to use ClickFree and that worked great, although it looks like the company isn’t around anymore.
What I’ve decided to use with my Macbook is a external hard drive. I did look at the Apple Time Capsule, however for far less I was able to get a 3TB external hard drive and just format it so that it backs up when plugged in.
I also recommend keeping additional copies of all important files on a usb or an additional external hard drive! You know, just to be extra safe.

Until next time,

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