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30 Day Cleanse

by Nicole

I haven’t been blogging lately; in all honestly I’ve been shopping.
So after a few weeks of working out at the mall, it is time for a bit of a cleanse.
Shopping has been easy lately (I mean it’s always easy!), with so many new Beauty and the Beast products coming out everywhere it is hard not to go a bit insane. Especially because when the last petal falls some stuff won’t be around any longer.
The goal has been to get it before it becomes unavailable, or before it’s only sold on Ebay for $100 more.

The new goal: 30-days of no shopping!

This won’t be easy (my credit card will appreciate it though!). It will involve staying away from malls, unsubscribing to stores emails, and not shopping online.

The biggest thing I can do to help in my success, try and find something else to channel my time into. My plan is to go to the gym or yoga right after work so this way I’ not temped to go to the mall. When I’m home I’ll focus on reading and my business, this way I’m off the internet.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes.
Wish me luck!

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