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Review: BarkBox

by Nicole

Because dogs deserve a monthly surprise to, I decided to give BarkBox a try for George! George is my dog…in case of any confusion there. 

I have tried BarkBox before, years ago and George loved it. However, because they are a US company it can be a bit costly so I stopped for a while.
But since I decided to treat myself to the FabFitFun box, and my hubby just brought the cat home I decided George deserved something.
I have to say I’m so pleased I did!

For starters they have amazing customer service! It was a few days past the expected arrival of Georges first box and there didn’t seem to be an update with tracking so I chatted online with one of their customer service reps and they were so friendly and were able to ship out another box right away!

Again, because it is a US based company it did take about two weeks for the new box to arrive. But when it did George loved it.

For the cost of the box (again US dollars) I’m very pleased with the amount and the quality of what he recieved.
It came with two full sized toys…which somehow are still in one piece!
His favourite toy, the camera even has a surprise toy inside for when he actually does destroy it.

As well as 2 full-sized bags of treats, and a large lamb chew. All of which George loved.
I loved the ingredient lists on both bags of treats! I’m definitely picky with what I feed George and I always check the ingredients on something before letting him have it, and both bags were made with great ingredients.
George is also very picky…the cat will eat more then George will, and he loved both bags!

We both loved that the boxes are themed (June’s theme was prom!) and they definitely delivered the theme throughout.

There are several different subscription options available so you can try for a short time before making a longer commitment.
But if you are looking for something new for your pop, BarkBox is worth a try!

Happy Shopping!

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