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Purple Trail Product Review

by Nicole

I think I’ve made it pretty clear I love stationary and I didn’t think it was possible, buuuut my love has grown!
Recently I was introduced to an amazing company: Purple Trail, and it was well, life changing!

It took me a while to decide what product to make, but I decided to go with something that would be important to me to really put this company to the test.

I decided to take the opportunity to create the Thank You cards that I will be giving out at my upcoming shower, and after receiving them I cannot wait to send them out!

I worked with the amazing Olives Photos on the design, and I am so pleased with how they printed.

I’ve had a lot of experience designing and printing work, and it doesn’t always come out as planned. Especially when printing custom work, you run the risk that the colours won’t come out as you designed. Not only are the colours great, but the paper quality was terrific for cards. Again, sometimes you run a risk with ordering online: what you might be expecting isn’t always what shows up at your door.

What I really loved is that as your finalizing your product, the site recommends small additional items that you may have never looked at. I love that I was able to do add some flair to the envelopes with a glitter liner that matched my theme, and customized labels. Thankfully, instructions were included for the liners!
A bonus was that envelopes were included with the cards, and I was able to select from a variety of coloured ones for no additional charge.

Overall I am so pleased with the products I received and the company’s customer service. The products shipped and printed very quickly and the packaging was great!

Purple Trail offers a wide variety of customizable products including (but not limited to) invitations, post cards, business cards, stamps, planners and mugs.
Check out their website and custom thank you cards here!

Happy creating!


I was given the opportunity to custom design the products that I received for free in exchange for a review. This review is completely honest and all photos are of the actual products that I received.

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