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eos Crystal Lip Balm: Product Review

by Nicole

A while back I was selected through Chick Adviser to try a brand new eos product that was not yet available on the market.
I use eos lip balm regularly and was very excited to be selected for this opportunity.

We were asked to keep this product on the down low until September 1, 2017! We all know I’m the worst at keeping secrets, and with a product this good it was definitely difficult!

My package arrived in a very cute, top secret box that I could hardly wait to open. Packaged beautifully inside: eos Crystal Lip Balm, and just like that I was hooked!

The first thing you notice is the new shape of the the lip balm container, a bit more like and egg with a coned top (vs. the original more ball shaped).
When you open the lip balm you instantly see how crystal clear it is.

At first use, this product was great. It instantly hydrates your lips and is extremely light weight. I made sure to try it out for about a week before giving my review, just to make sure this lasted.
Well, it did!
Overall, this is a huge step up from the original eos formula. It does not leave your lips feeling waxy, or like you have layers of lip gloss caked on.
It is extremely light weight and the Hibiscus Peach smells amazing!

The ultimate test is still yet to come: Winter. As I find my lips do get more dry during the cold months.

But so far, if you are looking for a new clear lip gloss I would highly recommend you give this one a try!

* I received eos Crystal Lip Balm for free to try and review. My reviews are honest and accurate*

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