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Looking back on 2017

by Nicole

Normally, going into the holidays I’d like to think I’m on the ball with gifts and planning…however, this year that was defiantly not the case.
It has been an exceptionally busy end of 2017 and I feel like I’ve been so focused on things I’ve let a lot of things slide (my blog, the holidays, my fitness routine…basically most of my life).
Closing off 2017, my mom had surgery, we tried to buy a house, had to find another house, and then actually bought a house. So it’s not like I’ve been sitting at home doing nothing…believe me I could use a day like that now. I’ve just been laser focused on a few things.
But looking at how I’ve slacked off on things now, I know I want to start 2018 right and on track.

I want my blog, my brand and my company to really excel and I know that involves a lot of work from me. Which is why in 2018 I want to ensure I’m allocating more time to this, and trying to work on it every day. I mean I can totally run on a tread mill and work on a new post.

As the wedding gets closer there are a ton of details to finalize, and things to go over. Trying to get these things done and crossed off the list sooner rather then later is the goal, and I do love a to do list!
This also means that soon I’ll soon have to figure out life without the bride-to-be label.

I also feel like an adult now, having mortgage payments and a home to look after. But I am also SO excited about this new chapter and adventure.
I feel like I should be a pro at moving, based on the number of times I’ve moved. However, this is one is more stressful, this time I’m moving into my own home…one I know I don’t have to move out of…plus finally getting to live with my fiancé!

Until about the end of October I had a really good fitness routine going. Then life got busy and that went down hill. Getting that back on track is something I want to get going and maintain throughout the year. I’m very lucky to have some time off during the holidays and I want to use a bit of that time to get back into the gym and get this going! Or, if I’m snowed in at least work out at home.

Lastly, I know this sounds a bit silly, but in 2018 I want to ACTUALLY USE EVERYTHING I OWN!
If moving is good for one thing, it is seeing all the crap you actually have. And my god, I’ve forgotten about probably half my closet (most likely because there wasn’t room for it in my closet).
I really want to make sure I’m actually getting use out of everything and wearing things as much as possible. Now that I have an office job all the dresser clothes that I had to keep aside for the past few years I can actually wear. So this mean arranging my (new) closet so that these items are front and centre.

so I want to make sure that I do.

Really, overall I just want a better 2018. That is not to say that 2017 wasn’t great, it was. There were a lot of big moments for me, and I want this momentum to carry into 2018… just with a bit more focus and all of my energy!

Happy 2018!

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