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Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

by Nicole

As most people know, I can’t keep a secret or a surprise.

Even before being pregnant, I’ve loved the idea of doing a gender reveal to find out if I was having a boy or a girl. As hard as it was not to look at the envelope, I’m so glad I waited the few days and found out with family that we are having a baby girl.

The hardest part was deciding how to do the reveal. I knew I didn’t want to do a cake cutting, but with so many other ideas out there I wasn’t sure what we should do.

Here are some of my top ideas for a gender reveal:

Cake cutting: Although this wasn’t the way I wanted to go it has been very popular for gender reveals. The inside of the cake is either blue or pink, and when you pull the first slice out you reveal the colour. Plus who doesn’t want cake!

Balloon pop: This is what I originally wanted to do, however, my husband didn’t want to clean up all the confetti afterwards – which is a fair point. I’ve seen this done two ways, firstly you fill one giant balloon with either pink or blue confetti and pop it to see what colour confetti comes out.

Or another way is to have a bunch of balloons but only one is filled with the pink or blue confetti. You have to work your way through the balloons to find out which one it is!

Opening a box: This is what we ended up doing and it worked out so well! We trusted my mom with the envelope and she had a large boxing box filled with pink balloons. So when we opened the box all the balloons floated out. This way you can also have someone decorate the box as well.

Smoke: There are many different ways to pull this one off, but in the end the smoke comes out pink or blue. With this one the time of year might impact your decision – this needs to be done outside so in the winter or bad weather there may be issues.

Have another gender reveal idea you love? Let me know! And when it comes time to do yours, don’t forget to have someone film it!

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