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Hello Again

by Nicole

I know it has been quite sometime since my last post, & honestly that is not for lack of having things to write about.

What I’ve learnt, is that if sh*t can hit the fan it will happen just before and apparently just after your wedding.
I thought with a three year engagement, that by the time the wedding date arrived we would be ahead of the game and ready to go. Well, I was wrong.

Just a highlight of what I’ve been dealing with:
About two months before the wedding I contacted the church to set up the next appointments.. this was the first bump in the road. The office administrator had no record of our wedding. PANIC! Trying not to think of all the things that could have gone wrong (another wedding being booked on the same date and time) I will focus on the fact that they pulled through fast and everything worked out.

Three weeks before the big day I lost someone very special. This is never easy, but it makes it hard knowing how much they really wanted to be apart of the wedding.

While racing to pick up some last minute items from my moms house, I fell down the stairs hitting the metal knight (yes, my mom has a metal knight at the bottom of her stairs) cutting the side of my foot open. At this point we are about two weeks away and it was also going into my bachelorette weekend.
The same time I also got disgustingly sick, and had an awesome scratchy voice going on.

At this point, I’m thinking things have to get better. But, because there is ALWAYS snow when it’s my birthday OF COURSE there would be a ice storm the weekend before my wedding, causing the tent and back area we loved so much at our venue to not be available. But of course, I wouldn’t find out this until a couple days before the wedding.

I can tell you, the struggle will always be real when it comes to two things
1. Getting RSVP cards back…there are still some I’m waiting to get back.
2. Your final numbers…because people will cancel at the last minute or not show up.

Let’s not forget to mention that I was 45 minutes late for the rehearsal…runaway bride much?

However, once the big day is here all of the things that went wrong…well they won’t even matter. You’ll marry the love of your life and then party the night away in a room filled with so much love.

But…when you’re me… and you finally think it’s time to just start your life together, you’ll get another good kick in the ass. My husband got seriously injured on our honeymoon and it has been a big life changer.
You never think you’ll almost lose the love of your life two weeks after marrying them. But, more on that later.

Now that I’m finally back home, and my life only involves cleaning up all the wedding items (and looking after the hubby) expect a lot more posts, reviews, stories and opinions.

Until then,

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